As I'm using dotnet20, I've setup a WINEPREFIX=~/.wine32 with WINEARCH=win32 (as per question 'Installing dotnet2,0 on 64 bit machine'). I saw in above question (How to install 32 Bit Wine on 64 Bit Ubuntu) that to use the "Wine 32 bit version" permanently:

sudo nano /etc/environment

Add the following line:


Is this correct? I would have thought that it would be best to also add WINEPREFIX=~/.wine32?

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You can install several wine versions including 64 and 32bit ones easily by using playonlinux. Playonlinux is a simple program providing you with as many wineprefixes as you like and for each of them you can choose a different version of wine.

You can install it via the Ubuntu software center or via command line (sudo apt-get install playonlinux) [or via any package management program you prefer].

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