I use Ubuntu 12.04 with an old Intel Pentium CPU (mobile Intel GL40) and an Intel GMA 4500M onboard graphics card.

I downloaded the Linux-version of Steam and TF2 via Steam without using any kind of emulator or other programs. Since I got an error message starting TF2. I updated my graphics card driver.

Now I can start TF2 but I get strange graphics bug and cant play (for example the Valve intro is inversed combined with a strange green/black/blue pixel pattern - it is not playable although I have the feeling that I am in the main menu and hear the sound)

Is there a way to play TF2 without an emulator or at least having to download the whole thing again (windows version for example)?


I'm afraid you cant run TF2 on Linux with an Intel GMA 4500m or HD. I'm currently having problems because of how old the integrated graphics are.

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