first of all i'm apology to ask this repeated Question.

Actually i'm new to Ubuntu, previously i'm using Windows in that using Internet Download Manager i'm download all the videos file and one more feature is when we are watch any video it should be enable and ask Download this video.

Particularly asking this Question, now a days Most of the site videos running on flash player (.flv formate) so hear their is no way for getting site video id when we are copy the running video url then html file only downloded.

So please help me download videos from nowvideo like website videos.

Is their any software like Internet Download Manager to ask running video Download Option?

  • AFAIK, no. But maybe you can use a firefox extension called netvideohunter, which can download most of the online videos(although not as powerful as IDM). – Hongxu Chen Apr 12 '13 at 8:30

You can download videos from nowvideo with no addictional software

  1. Go to the novideo url with Google Chrome
  2. Open the Developer Tools CTRL + SHIFT + J
  3. From inside the Developer Tools open the Network panel
  4. Start the video from the browser window
  5. now in the Network panel you can see the video connection (the longest bar) enter image description here
  6. right click on it and select "Copy link address"
  7. open a terminal and type wget and SHIFT + INS, so that the command would be somenting like

    wget http://s122.nowvideo.ch/dl/blabla/bla/blabla.flv?client=FLASH

  • my reputation doesn't allow me to post this image to better explain point 5 i.stack.imgur.com/izJiw.png – nulll Apr 17 '13 at 21:04
  • 2
    I added your image after step 5 :). – Merri Jul 30 '13 at 10:58

You could install a flash downloader add-on to Firefox. I like Video DownloadHelper, but if you browse Mozilla's add-on website, you'll fine plenty of others to pick from.

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