I have ubuntu 10.04 installed and I don't want to upgrade, but I do want to enjoy new features of gthumb 3, like ability to import from folders etc. After some googling, I found that 2.13.1 is the last gthumb version for lucid due to dependencies to GTK+ 2.24. Is there any way to make it working without upgrade? Patches? Hacks? Even version 2.13.90 is enough...

Thanks in advance, Alexander Noshe


No, it's unlikely to be backported for Lucid. Lucid is reaching the end of it's life next month, I highly encourage you to update at least to precise 12.04, which is quite nice.

  • Tried that 2-3 months ago, it replaced my gnome to unity, all my settings were deleted, in short, it became unusable... I like my lucid settings and don't want to change anything. – Alexander Noshe Apr 12 '13 at 15:46
  • You can install stock GNOME back into Ubuntu, replacing Unity. Seriously, if you keep using Lucid beyond the end of next month, you'll stop receiving security updates, and that's a really dangerous situation to be in for a computer that connects to the internet. You have been warned. – robru Apr 12 '13 at 17:16

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