Basically the system won’t boot. After the BIOS screen I get the message: “Error 1692: No operating system found”

I ran the ‘boot-repair’ utility without success. Here is the boot info that utility generated:


Everything looks correct as far as I can tell. I booted a liveCD, mounted /dev/sda1, and poked around the “EFI” directory. Everything looks correct in there also. Here is a pastebin for the commands I ran there:


Does anyone have any idea how to fix this situation? I've been through all the options in the BIOS and nothing seems to help. I noticed this message from 'boot-repair'

"Please do not forget to make your BIOS boot on sda1/EFI/ubuntu/grubx64.efi file"

However, I do not see any options in the BIOS startup for selecting which option to boot from.


Try this command from a Linux EFI-mode emergency boot:

efibootmgr -o 3

Note that's a lowercase letter -o in the command.

If that doesn't work, then your firmware is broken, and I recommend the following:

  1. Mount your ESP (/dev/sda1) somewhere convenient (say, /boot/efi).
  2. cd to /boot/efi/EFI.
  3. Type sudo rm -r Microsoft. (This assumes that you do not have a Windows installation on the computer. If I'm mistaken in this, then do not perform this step.)
  4. Type sudo mv boot boot-old.
  5. Type sudo cp -a ubuntu boot.
  6. Type sudo mv boot/grubx64.efi boot/bootx64.efi.
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