I get this error when I'm trying to do sudo mount -t ecryptfs folder1 folder2 in my home folder (encrypted by ubuntu) I tried the same command but folders at /tmp, it worked as expected.

The error message I got:

Error mounting eCryptfs: [-22] Invalid argument

In /var/log/syslog:

kernel: [  197.621331] Mount on filesystem of type eCryptfs explicitly disallowed due to known incompatibilities
mount.ecryptfs: Failed to perform eCryptfs mount: [Invalid argument]
kernel: [  197.659287] Reading sb failed; rc = [-22]

You mentioned that your home folder is "encrypted by Ubuntu" -- it's actually encrypted using eCryptfs. Check the output of:

grep $HOME /proc/mounts

Nesting encrypted directories inside of encrypted directories is not supported with eCryptfs. Sorry.

Full disclosure: I'm one of the authors and current maintainers of eCryptfs.

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