I have compiled from source codes player VLC 2.0.5 The build succeeds. But when playing video from YouTube playlists , I get problems. Some videos are played perfectly. Others - no. bad http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LM0ee-BA9Z0&list=PLG1pJqRQs6GcEK7BBmchlDucco_o98HPv&index=1


Perfectly http://farm03.photoload.ru/data/fe/61/86/fe6186866ab4d4dd236b01a8b89cd6cd.png?h=2G7sY3XNJw12sWtF0Optjg&t=1365333363


Prompt please the reason.


Maybe try to uncheck "Hardware acceleration" in the settings you get by right clicking on the Video.

That solved problems I had with YouTube videos a few times now.

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