I am running an install on Ubuntu 12.10. In the terminal I enter:

gksudo apt-get install <package>

I am then prompted:

After this operation, 4,789 kB of addition disk space will be used.
Do you want to continue [Y/n]?

I answer:


terminal then appears to hang. I have waited more than 10 minutes.

Please advise


As this was apparently the solution, I'm turning my comment into a full answer:

You used gksudo in your command. This is the graphical frontend for sudo. Using it in conjunction with a terminal-based program like apt is not only pointless, but can cause all sorts of fancy fun.

You would use gksudo to run a graphical program (like, say, nautilus), but sudo for commandline operations.

The correct command for your case would therefore be:

sudo apt-get install <package>

This should no longer cause it to get stuck.

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