Not sure if it was asked before but I really couldnt find anything related to this. Heres my Question. Opening a URL in firefox through linux command line works fine, like below:

firefox www.google.com

But, how do I open a URL having GET params, e. g.:

firefox www.google.com?param1=val1 

It URL Encodes the whole URL and converts the ? to %3F. On window open, the URL becomes: www.google.com%3Fparam1=val1 and not understood by the browser.

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    I don't use firefox. But I think this shoud work firefox "www.google.com?param1=val1"
    – Thomas15v
    Apr 5, 2013 at 12:09

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If you type that from a command prompt then the shell will parse the ?
(The same will happen if your URL contains an ampersand (&) or an asterix (*).

To avoid this use double quotes around the part you do not want the shell to parse.

E.g. /usr/local/bin/firefox "http://www.google.com?param1=val1"


Please check the result of file `which firefox`,and check if it is a script file, not a executable file. If it's a script file, then it would be very likely that it doesn't quote the arguments correctly.


We had the same problem. The answer for us was to fully-qualify the url, including the http:// part.

For example, this works:

firefox http://www.google.ch?q=fred

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