I try to install ubuntu 12.04 on my computer. I can get to the purple screen on the live cd but then, if I choose "Installing Ubuntu", I have a black screen with a cursor blinking (and nothing else happens).

My PC : acer aspire M3920, CPU i5-2300, 8 Gb RAM, NVIDIA gt 405.

What I already tried :

  • I tried with 12.04 and 13.04 daily build
  • I tried with a live usb and with a live dvd
  • I tried the following boot options : nomodset, acpi=off

I googled a lot and it seems that it could be a graphic card problem. Do you know any other boot options that I could try ?


This is not a duplicate : I've tried all the common boot options (nomodeset, noacpi...) and it doesn't change anything.

With the option "no splash" (instead of "quiet splash"), I can see what happens before the forever-blinking cursor :

[sdg] no caching mode present
[sdg] assuming drive cache : write trough

ata8.00: excetion Emask 0x52 ... frozen
ata8 : SError : { RecovData RecovComm UnrecovData...}
ata8.00 : failed command : IDENTIFY PACKET DEVICE
ata8.00 : status : { DRDY }
ata8 : hard resetting link

Does somebody know what it means ?

N.B. astonishingly, Puppy Linux boots fine (but Debian, Fedora and Ubuntu do not)


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The original poster solved the problem and reported the solution in an edit:

In fact, it was not a graphic card problem. I had to disconnect the dvd drive and connect it to another free sata connector (I don't really understand why Ubuntu had trouble with this connector and Windows 7 not). After that, everything worked fine.


Nvidia drivers have always been a little sketchy when it comes to working out of the box with ubuntu machines. I had a similar problem with installing 12.04 on my hp laptop. Try booting with the 'nomodeset' option in the grub menu. This post gives a detailed solution on how to go about it. This post might also be helpful

  • I already tried it, but it doesn't work. Any other idea ?
    – IFasel
    Apr 3, 2013 at 11:47

i suggest to redownload ubuntu , sometimes it (iso) got wrong writing.

i suggest to use LINUX LIVE USB CREATOR

it happened alot with me this issue

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