I want to map a key, say ctrl-shift-m to open a terminal, ssh into the mailhost, open pine and go into the compose mail pane. I already have ssh-key setup so i dont have to type my password while doing ssh, so that is not an issue.

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This is how I do when I need:

1) Make a script with all commands needed



ssh user@server.etc

ssh some-command


exit 0

2) Create the shortcut

Run gnome-control-center keyboard then go to "Shortcuts" > "Custom" > "+"

enter image description here

Name: Anything
Command: gnome-terminal -e "bash -c \"/path/to/script ; exit ; exec bash\""

Change "/path/to/script" for the correct path, and

delete "exit" if you don't want the terminal to close after the execution of the script.

Then choose the shortcut you wish.



you can open terminal and execute command via the following code

gnome-terminal --COMMAND=string

You can add key mapping in

Applications > Keyboard > Shortcut > Custom

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