What program does people use to play Magic: the Gathering on Ubuntu, against human players, for free? None of the programs I've tried works.

This is what I've found so far. I'll link to the projects later:

  • Forge: Written in Java. Looks and works amazing, but is only single player. It's almost as good as wtc's official modo client.
  • MAGE: Written in Java. Has online multiplayer support. I can get it to start, but the interface is so flaky and weird that I dont understand how to play a duel or build a deck.
  • I understand that some people are resistant to this, but when it comes to games I find it's more trouble to try not to use Wine than to just suck it up and do it. apt-get install wine1.5, check the compatibility listing at winehq for the game in question, and just do it. You may want to avoid fullscreen modes, but overall I think you'll be surprised at how well it works. – serilain Mar 31 '13 at 16:24
  • Wine is ok but it just have to WORK. So many of the projects I've found are just broken in strange ways or abandoned. – Björn Lindqvist Apr 2 '13 at 14:56

gCCG works flawlessly and is open source + native... Quirky controls from the start, but once you figure it all out you'll like it, and there are a lot of players.

We're trying to remedy all this at WTactics.org, but don't have a client for you yet... also, as mentioned, Cockatrice also works wonders.


It may be possible to play M:tG on Ubuntu for free via the advice in this link.

From a quick glance over them, none of the programs in the link seem to natively support Linux/Ubuntu. It may be possible to use these applications via WINE/Play On Linux.

An alternative to going through a Windows application and using WINE/POL is Cockatrice which seems to use .deb packages so should be fairly simple to setup. The problem is - the official website appears to be down currently (as of 27th of February 2013) for legal reasons. If you check this link you may find out more.

The final alternative is to use a platform such as Roll20. The Roll20 platform is built with table-top games in mind. In fact, I played a few DnD games on there with no issues. Because it's web based, there's no operating system compatibility issue, either. When I last used it, it only really supported Chrome, however.

Quick run through:

First method requires WINE.

Second method is down, but check the last link of that section!

Finally, with some major set-up you can do it via a web platform.

Hopefully one of these gives you an idea as to do!

Good luck!

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