I am using VLC 2.0.5, It fails to produce sound after i press pause the video. It gets back after changing the audio settings or restarting the video


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I've had the same (annoying) problem. You have to manually change your audio-device settings in VLC's preferences. See the screenshot below:


To find your sound-card, use the following command in the terminal.

sudo aplay -l
  • Restart VLC after making these changes.
    – bitinerant
    Mar 1 at 17:13

I had the same problem: vlc would lose audio after seeking forward or back, on Kubuntu 14. I changed Preferences (Simple) -> Audio -> Output Module to Alsa & Output Device to 'Playback/recording through PulseAudio server'.

Selecting the same options in Preferences (All) didn't work. Go figure.

You need to close & reopen vlc for changes to take effect.


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