I am not a techie but using ubuntu for the last 3 years

now I have a question to ask...I am translating a book

so I need two screens opening at the same time one opening into the pdf file from the pc other opening into the web for researching side by side

I went thru the web but could not find an answer

help me

my ubuntu version is 12.10


If you have a additional monitor, then you can connect it to the CPU/Laptop with a VGA cable. Then in your Ubuntu system,

  • Open “System Settings” from “Dash Home” and there select “Displays”.
  • If your monitor does not appear there, click on “Detect Displays”. Now you’ll see two monitors.

  • According to the position of monitors on the table, arrange their positions on the screen by drag and drop.
  • Select each monitor, enable it by “on-off” and change its resolution to its actual resolution. Also uncheck “Mirror displays” box which is for duplicating the main screen. And finally click on “Apply”.
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Just don't maximize your applications. Make them half screen-width and position the windows beside each other.

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