The other day I was trying to have a online hangout and logged into Google+ and when I clicked on start a hangout it prompted me to select if my OS was 32 bit or 64 bit to download a plugin for Ubuntu.

I clicked on 64 bit (I found out that my kernel is 64 bit by using the code uname -m in the terminal and the output was x86_64).

The download was done and I was redirected to the software center application where I had to install a google-plugin. When I clicked on it an error pops up saying installation or deletion of software failed.

Do we need to install the plugin also for the hangout?


Yes you need to install google video chat plugin. Just download it from google website and install it with sudo dpkg -i PATH/TO/DOWNLOADED_PACKAGE.DEB from terminal or You can use package like gdebi as well. This plugin will install google talk plugin repository and give you upgrades from update manager as well.

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