Ubuntu 12.04 shows folder as icon by default, see image below

enter image description here

How can I make folder displayed in List by default, as shown in the image below

enter image description here

  1. In the top bar, do a click in Edit
  2. Select the Preferences option
  3. Now you'll note that the first tab (enabled by default) is called Views, if not, choice it
  4. In this tab, the first option is Default view, so click in the box of the left and select List view instead of Icon view

Now when you open a new window with nautilus, you should see all the folders and files listed.

Set of screen-shoots to help a little bit:

Step-one-and-two Step-three

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    confirm this is working in Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS – Sam Dec 6 '16 at 3:44

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