I have a partition /dev/sda8 which I want to name it "Documents" and automount. Because I have a long time to use these commands ,I messed up a little (not that I am familiar).

I used gparted and gave a label "Documents" for the partition. Then , I don't remember exact the order of the commands I used ,but sth like:

sudo mount -L Documents /dev/sda8
sudo mkdir /dev/sda8
sudo mkdir -p /dev/sda8
sudo mount /dev/sda8 /Documents

I added to fstab

UUID=16b7ad55-aea9-49ed-8be9-0bbf1cb23c2e /Documents ext4 #defaults 02

The result now is that

  1. I don't have a device named 'Documents'

  2. I have a folder named 'Documents' in my file system (where /etc , /bin...etc lies)

How can I correct these?

I tried to umount (from the above commands) and now I have the device "Documents" but I still have a folder 'Documents' in file system which is empty and is 10GB! How to delete that?



I did :

sudo umount /dev/sda8/ /Documents 
sudo umount Documents /dev/sda8/
sudo umount -L Documents /dev/sda8/

and suddenly the device "Documents" appeared!

As for the 'Documents' folder inside my file system that was my mistake. I chekced the properites and it showed the space of the entire file system.My mistake.

Also, for details you can check here.

I want to thank Eliah Kagan for his help.

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