I used to be able to bind any arbitrary shortcut key to launching external applications; in particular, I used to bind Ctrl+Shift+hjkl to a small utility which moves the mouse cursor around.

However, a while back, this stopped working, as now it only seems to allow binding shortcut keys to a single modifier at a time; pressing Ctrl+Shift+j binds the action to Ctrl+j, for example. If I manually edit my key bindings in the associated config file, the bindings simply do not work.

The one exception to the single-modifier shortcuts seems to be that you can bind Ctrl+Super+(anything) to a separate shortcut; however, the purpose of this configuration is to improve my workstation ergonomics, and Ctrl+Super+hjkl are somewhat more cumbersome to press.

Short of completely switching window managers, is there some way to get xfwm to recognize keyboard shortcuts formed from Ctrl+Shift?

  • Hmm, I can confirm this issue using Xfce 4.10. This seems like a bug; did you try to report it upstream?
    – landroni
    Jan 14, 2014 at 10:06

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This is a bug in Xfce 4.10 and has been reported here. The bug seems to have been fixed in GIT master, so the future 4.12 release shouldn't be affected by this issue. A bugfix release for 4.10 may or may not happen.

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