I have an Asus Vivobook s200 with Ubuntu 12.10 64bit on it. I have the following problem. After booting the laptop the ethernet works and if i click suspend it works normally. Then when I wake the laptop and i log in everything works fine except for the ethernet, which seems to be completely dead (if I go to network preferences it's always saying "cable disconnected"). Another anomaly is that after this first time suspend doesn't work anymore, instead I get some error messages (which appear for a brief period of time) and then the system goes back to the login screen. I've managed to grab a screen of the error messages screenshot

As far is I've understood these errors are related to the ethernet, so the ethernet not working and the impossibility to suspend are probably related. I'm a linux newbie so I need help. Thanks in advance


The quick solution to that worked for me is disable networking and disconnect the ethernet. After a while reconnect the ethernet and enable networking . This oftens works without much trouble. Disable and enable networking from this panel. Cheers.

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