Need to convert hundreads of pdf files across several folders. pdf2djvu gui is junk on windows and always crashes after a couple of conversions.

Taking this code of which I am working from

for file in *.pdf; do pdftotext "$file" "$file.txt"; done

I normally run pdf2djvu like this: pdf2djvu -o *.djvu *.pdf

Using what's below gives me: I Won't write DjVu data to terminal

for file in *.pdf; do pdf2djvu "$file" "$file.djvu"; done

And for: file in *.pdf; do pdf2djvu -o "$file" "$file.djvu"; done

Unable to load document PDF error: Couldn't open file*.pdf.djvu: random unknown characters

And for: for file in *.pdf; do "pdf2djvu -o" "$file" "$file.djvu"; done

pdf2djvu -o: command not found

And for: for file in .pdf; do "pdf2djvu -o *.djvu *.pdf" "$file" "$file.djvu"; done bash: pdf2djvu -o *.djvu *.pdf: No such file or directory


-o is output options. Output filename should follow after it. So this works for me:

for file in *.pdf; do pdf2djvu -o "$file.djvu" "$file"; done
  • That code gives me PDF error: May not be a PDF file (continuing anyway) PDF error: Couldn't find trailer dictionary PDF error: Couldn't read xref table Unable to load document Will google now and see if I get an answer and edit if I find anything – – user140393 Mar 20 '13 at 8:48
  • Forgot to update this a couple days one of my earlier commands caused it to corrupt the pdf. Code works fine. Thanks :D – user140393 Mar 25 '13 at 7:24
for file in *.pdf; do pdf2djvu -o "$file.djvu" "$file"; done

Will convert all files to djvu. However, the new files will be named with a .pdf.djvu extension.

To end up with conversion to djvu and a .djvu extension use:

for file in *.pdf; do pdf2djvu -o "${file%.pdf}.djvu" "$file"; done

This will strip off the .pdf before appending the .djvu to the filename.

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