after spending my time in a lot of website without result, I hope someone could help me.

I have a PCI Card Linksys (not recent...) model WMP54G V2, which doesn't work in ubuntu 12.04.

Ubuntu automatically find this driver: Driver Broadcom STA wireless, but during the installation, the procedure seem freeze it self; (the installation bar still run, but nothing happens)

So I reboot the PC, and looking into "additional driver menu" and driver is installed: well!

Then I try to add a wireless connection from "network menu" but i can't see wireless card.

I've tryed to install diver b-43XX from software center but without result.

Do you have any idea?


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If you are having real trouble with the linux drivers with broadcom which is no surprise. I can suggest using ndiswrapper and use the windows driver. This creates a wrapper around the windows driver and allows you to use it for wireless on your Linux machine.

You can install it from the repos with apt-get install ndiswrapper ndiswrapper-utils. Its also has a GUI based tool from Ubuntu in GTK+ framework called ndiswrapper-gtk. Just add the windows driver to that and see how its goes. The GUI is very self explanatory.

But I have also posted the link to the ndiswrapper wiki for any other information.


  • I'm not sure how you can propose ndiswrapper without knowing the device ID from lspci. A great many Broadcom devices work quite well with the native Linux driver and without ndiswrapper.
    – chili555
    Mar 20, 2013 at 12:23

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