In previous releases, the following packages were supported:

  1. scim
  2. scim-bridge-agent
  3. scim-bridge-client-gtk
  4. scim-bridge-client-qt4
  5. scim-m17n
  6. scim-modules-table

However, they are not available in Quantal's repositories from 2012-09-24. How do we use ibus instead?

  1. First remove all the said scim pacakages, im-config.
  2. Install the "ibus" ,"Adjust methods for keyboard input"tools.

Make sure to install the following pakages

  1. ibus-m17n
  2. ibus-table-extraphrase
  3. ibus-gtk
  4. ibus-gtk3
  5. ibus-qt4
  6. ibus-table
  7. ibus-clutter

Choose the input method switch and make ibus as the choice.
A dialalogue box to restart X session appears choose ok.
Log out and login back to restart X session.
Go to ibus system tray icon choose preferences
click input method tab and kannada option which has kgp(nudi) ,inscript(nudi),itrans(baraha format)
choose them to the add to list .---done---
Open gedit writer the press control space and write in kannada
For Libreoffice
Click on Tools → Options → Language settings → Languages Check Enabled for Complex Text Layout(CTL) and Choose Kannada in Default languages for Documents (CTL)
Enjoy kannada typing!


I have installed Ubuntu 15.10. IBus is installed by default. So, now just go to System Settings > Text Entry. Add Kannada phonetic as an input source. Now you can type Kannada easily. Use super+space to switch between languages. The Kannada phonetic keyboard is similar to Nudi on Windows.

Enjoy typing in Kannada.

  • Please replace these funny symbols with English ones. – whtyger Mar 12 '16 at 18:21
  • 4
    They are not funny symbols. The script is in Kannada. The sentences mean- "Type in Kannada. Enjoy." – Rameshkumar Hugar Jul 17 '16 at 7:26
  • 3
    I knew that they mean something. :) By my remark I meant that it would be better to avoid native language messages in English-based forum. – whtyger Jul 17 '16 at 10:28

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