In order to display the messages loaded into a kernel module, I can use the command


Is there any alternatives for this command? How this function gets all these kernel messages?


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All messages you can see with dmesg are by default written to var/log/syslog as well. So you can look through this log file with any tool you like.

I use less var/log/syslog for reading it later or tailf var/log/syslog for "just in time" purposes.

As zwets has just pointed out: /var/log/dmesgcontains the dmesg output collected during system boot.


As I know, there are two another ways. The first one is

cat /proc/kmsg

And the second is using 'Ctrl + Alt + Fn' to switch to virtual console. Then every kernel message(include inserting kmod) will be printed on the screen.

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