I am new linux user, installed ubuntu 12.10 (64-bit) from wubi (getting boot option (windows7/ubuntu).

But after opening ubuntu, laptop gets heat up, fan running very fast and performance is very poor, while installing graphics driver it hangs and i have to shut system by long pressing power button.

Battery backup ends very soon ( almost 1/5 as compared to win 7)

I installed powertop, it is showing 100% cpu usage.

I searched for the problem, but there are many solutions given online, i have tried some but no success.

system specs: hp pavilion dv4, Intel core i5 (2nd gen), 6 gb ram

  • Paste the output of top command. – Abhijeet Mar 16 '13 at 14:45
  • @Abhijeet : After trying many things, i uninstalled ubuntu to save my machine from any unknown damage. The top command was showing max 6% cpu usage per process. and power top command was showing 100% cpu usage. as i am a new linux user, i didnt understand rest of terms completely.. If this is important, then i can reinstall it, it will take 15 minutes.. – Prateek Varshney Mar 16 '13 at 15:26

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