Tips and advice on how to clone Textmate's functionality in Ubuntu. I've done some research on this in the past and I know this information is valuable to the community.

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    You should specify the features you use that you're looking to port over. It's a really broad question depending on what you're looking to get. – Rick Aug 20 '10 at 16:47


For Textmate style snippet expansion in Vim.




The Command-T plugin is un-do-without-able. It replicates TextMate's Go To File... functionality very nicely, plus of course you can set your own keymapping, and have files open in split windows, tabs, etc.


If vim is not a requirement (in the title you said Vim but in the text you said how to clone textmate in ubuntu) you should take a shot on emacs.

In emacs you can have a closer textmate experience, with a snap-open (ido-mode) snippets with yasnippet (compatible with textmate snippets) and an editing style a little closer to what you get on textmate.

  • Appreciated, but I wanted this community wiki to be for Vim. – Derek Aug 20 '10 at 14:08


Replicate TextMate's bundle functionality. After installing pathogen, you can drop plugins into a 'bundle' directory, pathogen manipulates vim's runtimepath so everything gets loaded.

This is especially great for using vim plugins which live on github. If you keep your config in a git repo, you can use submodules to help you keep everything up to date.



i've used vim and all its plugins brother if you want a more cooler experiance and you dont want to spend all your time learning just the editor try gedit-plugins available in repo and check its site too " best for programming " :) ubuntu rocks

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