I have a separate /home partition, and I'm about to perform a reinstall (13.04 beta).

I plan to set up the same user that I have now. My current home folder is encrypted.

  1. Will the installer overwrite my existing files or simply create the /etc/passwd entry?
  2. What should I know?
  3. What do I have to do? I have the encryption passphrase.

If your /home is a completely separate partition, when you are in the install portion of 13.04 it should ask you where your /home is, you can then point to your previous /home.

The installer should not even be able to mount your /home. its encrypted, and I don't think it will ask you for permission.

  • For on lookers, also see the answer I posted. – James the fifth Mar 16 '13 at 2:24

I took the dive and installed anyway. I used the same user password, as with my previous install, instructed the installed to use the home partition (option called “Reinstall Ubuntu”) and everything worked flawlessly. I do seem to have a new passphrase now, but that is okay.

Screenshot in Ubuntu 13.10

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