The BleachBit website states that the program can "Overwrite specific files found anywhere on the hard drive".

Can I select a file and shred it with BB or do I have to delete it first the normal way and then wipe the empty space to avoid recovery?

I may not want all my empty space wiped or I may not have the time for that.

The program displays a list of programs, as well as a 'Bash' and a 'Deep scan' option.

enter image description here

It looks it is intended to scan for files that are already hidden or deleted. But what about selecting a specific file/folder and wiping it?


The standard version of Bleachbit installed from the repositories (version 0.9.1 for 12.04) has exactly the functionality you want. You can simply run the program, click File on the Menu and you will be given options to select files or folders to shred.

enter image description here

Clicking 'Shred Files' or 'Shred Folders' will open a file browser and allow you to navigate to what you want to remove.

enter image description here

Note: I recommend that you don't run bleachbit with elevated privileges, like gksudo bleachbit or use the provided menu entry to do so, as a mistake could be very costly!

For more information, see man bleachbit or the official website, which details the development of the program and how now it has reached version 0.9.5 (Jan 2013).

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