I removed Ubuntu from the efi boot menu but it comes back

i already use easybcd but it still comes back

i try remove it manual from my efi bios but it still comes back

i already delete all of my linux partition(efi / swap)

and i already using efibootmgr via linuxmint

but still it comes back

its even worse because after i use efibootmgr its change my windows efibootloader behavior

i use asus x401u amd c-60

*ubuntu 10.04.01(64bit) already removed but still in my efi bootmenu

*win8pro (64bit)

i already follow this(but via linuxmint) How do I remove "Ubuntu" in the bios boot menu? (UEFI) its still comes back my problem similar like this ubuntu appears in BIOS menu (UEFI) and im gonna do this I removed Ubuntu from the BIOS menu but it comes back later

please help me


Try mounting your EFI System Partition (ESP) and removing the EFI/ubuntu directory from that partition. Then boot a Linux emergency system in EFI mode and use efibootmgr to remove the Ubuntu entry. For instance:

# efibootmgr 
Timeout: 10 seconds
BootOrder: 0000,0008,0006,0007
Boot0000* ubuntu
Boot0006* Hard Drive
Boot0007* CD/DVD Drive
Boot0008* INTERNAL EFI SHELL: ST32000542AS
# efibootmgr -b 0 -B

You'll need to modify the value passed to -b based on the initial efibootmgr output.

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