Im using read in a while loop to automatically change a makefile after download.

Here is part of the script,

    while read a; do
    if [[ "$a" = "FCOMPL=g77" ]]
    then echo "FCOMPL=gfortran" >> makefile
    elif [[ "$a" = "FFLAGC=-Wall -O" ]]
    then echo "FFLAGC=-Wall -O -fno-backslash" >> makefile
    echo $a >> makefile
    done <makefile.orig

The problem is that I lose the tabulation.

Any idea of how I can avoid that?


Instead of using bash to do the task, you could learn sed:

sed -e 's/^FCOMPL=g77$/FCOMPL=gfortran/' \
    -e '/^FFLAGC=-Wall -O$/s/$/ -fno-backslash/' makefile.orig > makefile

Each -e gives sed a command to perform. In this case (1st -e), the s command performs a substitution: s/foo/bar/ replaces the 1st occurrence of foo on each line by bar. To be sure we work on complete line, I added ^ (beginning of the line) and $ (end of the line).

You can prefix a command by a selector. In this case (2nd -e), the s command is applied only to a line matching ^FFLAGC=-Wall -O$.

You could even use the -i flag to replace the file:

sed -i -e 's/^FCOMPL=g77$/FCOMPL=gfortran/' \
       -e '/^FFLAGC=-Wall -O$/s/$/ -fno-backslash/' makefile
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Found a solution!! I applied what is taught here http://en.kioskea.net/faq/1757-how-to-read-a-file-line-by-line

    old_IFS=$IFS      # save the field separator           
    IFS=$'\n'     # new field separator, the end of line
    IFS=$old_IFS     # restore default field separator 
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