I didnt find this specific question. I am not asking how large the installer is (12.10 btw). And I am not asking if I can install ubuntu without the internet. I have read that I can just install via the Boot CD or USB without an internet connection.

What I would want to know is what and how much the Ubuntu installation process does download if there is an internet connection.

I assume it is updates?

I am in a hostel that hands out 300 - 1000 mb codes of free internet. So if I was going to let it use the internet I would be limited by that amount of megabytes.

Could I do those updates once I am in a new location next week?


  • I'm not sure. I think they are about 200-300 MB language packs and the same amount for updates. I suggest you install without Internet; you always have enough time to install updates or language packs. After you installed, Software Updater will tell you how much download is needed. – AliN Mar 12 '13 at 20:46
  • Also, you'll never know how much it will download. Because the updates will be more heavy while more time has passed since your release has been released. @AliNa Could you (please) create an answer. – Lucio Mar 14 '13 at 3:55

As my experience, there are about 200 MB for language packs (will be different for different languages) and 200-300 MB for updates if you have checked the box in the step preparing to install.

Since it may takes long time to download and install new packages, I recommend you to install Ubuntu without any Internet connections. It will be installed in about 10 minutes only. After you installed it succesfully, you can run Software Updater to see the available updates and their sizes, then if you have a limited Internet traffic, you can choose between them to be installed. And if your language is English, you can ignore language packs as well.

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