I'm trying install fwbuilder, but i get error that told me:


Running as user : root
Firewall name : mti
Installer uses user name : fwadmin
Management address :
Platform : iptables
Host OS : linux24
Loading configuration from file /home/amr/fwbuilder/repo/mti.fwb

Installation plan: Copy file:

/home/amr/fwbuilder/repo/mti.fw --> /etc/fw/mti.fw

Run script:

echo '--**--**--'; chmod +x /etc/fw/mti.fw; sudo -S /etc/fw/mti.fw && echo 'Policy activated'
Copying /home/amr/fwbuilder/repo/mti.fw ->
Running command '/usr/bin/fwbuilder -Y scp -o ConnectTimeout=30 -P 2222  ~/.ssh/identity -q /home/amr/fwbuilder/repo/mti.fw fwadmin@'
Firewall Builder GUI
ssh: connect to host port 2222: Connection refused
lost connection
SSH session terminated, exit status: 1
Firewall policy installation failed

How do I stop this error?

Any help appreciated.


ssh: connect to host port 2222: Connection refused

The host you are trying to connect( either don't have SSH installed, it is stopped or is listening in a different port than 2222.

So first check if the machine with that IP has SSH installed. In Ubuntu SSH (to accept connections) is provided by openssh-server:

$ sudo apt-get install openssh-server

Then check it is running:

$ service ssh status
ssh start/running, process XXXXXX

If it is stopped:

$ sudo service ssh start

Also usually SSH listens on port 22 and not 2222 as your script is trying to use. So check if that script has some switch to define a different port.

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