Currently I'm backing up my /home/ folder to a usb mounted on /media/liamzebedee/X using duplicity. When I go to restore the folder to the USB however (using sudo), I get the error -

Error '[Errno 1] Operation not permitted: '/media/liamzebedee/X/home'' processing .

The files are all restored, why do I get this error?


I receive this error because duplicity cannot chown the restored home folder /media/liamzebedee/X/home to its original owner root. When restoring to / this works.


whats the filesystem of your usb drive?

the error occures generally when resetting the permissons/ownership of the restored file fails. this can have many reasons. e.g.

  1. target filesystem does not support these
  2. you are not root, only root can set ownership

.. ede

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