I have MythTV connected to flat panel TV by HDMI. The resolution is correct only if the startup sequence is: TV on, then start the MythTV computer. With this sequence the resolution is 1280x720, which is correct, and fills the TV screen.

If the TV is now switched off, then back on, the picture is about half size. The resolution has changed to 1920x1080.

If the MythTV computer is started with the TV off, then the TV is turned on, the picture overflows the screen. The resolution is 1600x1200 in that case.


has only one option for monitor size, 1280x720

I added

Option IgnoreEDID true

to both the Device and Monitor sections of xorg.conf, but it made no difference.

How can I keep the resolution at 1280x720 after switching the TV off, then back on?

I found the resolution in the cases above by switching to backend and running

xdpyinfo | grep -B2 resolution.

System details:

Mythbuntu 12.04 64 bit
MythTV 0.26
TV - AOC Envision L32W761, using HDMI input

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