my laptop details :-

hp probook 4530 s
processor : Intel (R) core (TM) i7-2670 QM - cpu @ 2.20 GHZ (8cpus),~ 2.2 GHZ
memory 8192 MB RAM

about display card (VGA) :

device name : mobile intel (R) HD graphics
manufacture : ATI technologies Inc.
chip type : intel(R) HD graphics family
DAC type : internal
approx.total memory : 779 MB
monitor : Generic pnp monitor

about Hard disc

Hitach HTs547564AgE384 ATA Device

about Ubuntu 12.10 installation i installed ubuntu 12.10 from usb

ubuntu 12.10 64 bit
ubuntu partition size on my hard disc = 30 Gb

i don't make "linux swap" during installation, because memory size (RAM) = 8GB I already installed Windows 7 - 64 bit.. and choose linux or windows to boot

the problem is : the fan works loudly after booting ubuntu and during working with ubuntu ,, unlike using widows in the same conditions ( i mean same room temp. , not running a big process) ...

i installed "jupiter" for handling this problem ,, and also no big improvment ... the processor temp. starts about 40 deg. Celsius after 10 min it becomes about 53 celsius without running a heavy process . what shall i do ?

finally some times when shutting down ubuntu ,, not work properly ! and don't closed ! appear on the screen a message i don't remember it now but i think " terminate all running process ... " and ubuntu still working without shutting down ! it occurs about 70% times i use ubuntu after the processor temp = 65 degrees


I have same laptop and HP laptop got problem with Ubuntu!

  1. Install graphic card from ATI site. And goto catalyst control center. goto swichable graphics. and select power saving GPU for improved battery life. worked for me.
  2. I find this post and update your bios maybe help you. If NOT, try other desktop. Like Cinammon or Xfce or KDE. Folow this.

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