I love Chrome and Chromium, but when I go full screen, I can't get to my other tabs anymore, which I can with Firefox. So my questions are:

Am I alone or is this universal?

Is there a fix?

Is there some useful keyboard shortcut to switch tabs?

Thanks in advance!


I think full screen is designed for getting more space, so tabs do not appear in full screen.


  • Ctrl + Page Down or Ctrl + Tab: Next Tab
  • Ctrl + Page Up or Ctrl + Shift + Tab: Previous Tab
  • F11: Enter/Leave Full screen
  • Ctrl + T: New Tab
  • Ctrl + W: Close Tab
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    We know full screen is designed for getting more space. Point is, Firefox in fullscreen shows tabs, addressbar, and bookmarks on hover. Full browser experience even in fullscreen mode. Chrome deprives full-screen users of the full browser experience-- firefox does not. – johny why Aug 26 '15 at 19:07
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    Ctrl+T wont focus on google search input :( in fact google search wont work at all in full screen – Amol Pujari May 23 '18 at 5:55

As far as I know for Version 77, there are two extensions can take the tabs back:

  1. Tab Revolution
  2. tabtiles
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