I modded my docky-sources, so i have no reflection anymore. Where can i remove the separators or change the metrics like this

enter image description here


I am using "docky 2.07 release" as seen in the "about" window of my Docky.

enter image description here

I don't know what exactly you mean with "change the metrics" but the image in your link looks like my docky.

I am using the "HUD" theme, with 3D background and a few more options which can be configured in the settings of Docky.

enter image description here

enter image description here enter image description here

The separators in my Docky is indicating a separation of the icons and currently open applications and the Docklets/Helpers. I think it can be configured throug modifying the code. You can gain access to the code in the next link:


Some items can be edited by you in order to make something with the backgrounds and other things but as for a certain items (the indicator, reflection, etc.) you should see in the code in order to gain access to the right place. Understanding the code isn't that difficult, give it a try. You may experience problems when compiling but that's for a different Q&A.

Images for the themes can be reached at: /usr/share/docky/themes. You will need to sudo nautilus before pasting the edited images in that place, a good images editor will help (gimp ie). And as the majority of the images used for themes are .svg I suppose that the separator should also be an image. REMEMBER TO BACKUP!

Good luck!

BTW: Some of my Docky effects are handled by Emerald Theme Manager.

Hey! Did you take a look to this?

~illusionmist Oct 30, 2010 To do all these you'll have to get the source from bzr first...

Remove reflection: Navigate to docky/Docky/Docky/Interface, open up DockWindow.cs, search for "expensive" (yup). And then comment out the reflection part so it looks like this:

if (ThreeDimensional) { if (item is SeparatorItem) { center = center.MoveIn (Position, -DockHeightBuffer); /*} else { double offset = 2 * Math.Max (Math.Abs (val.Center.X - center.Center.X), Math.Abs (val.Center.Y - center.Center.Y)); offset -= .07 * IconSize * renderZoom; icon.ShowAsReflection (surface, center.Center, renderZoom, renderRotation, opacity, offset, Position);*/ } }

As for indicators there's this CreateIndicatorBuffer function. I tried my best and actually changed it to drawing a triangle instead of tiny radial gradient circles.

Then you build it and install it. The fun of Linux, eh?

(Your Firefox Elementary is so darn sexy, by the way )

  • thanks so far.i already removed the reflections and changed the indicator like in the comment but i want to remove the separators completely and change the way it is drawn in 3d (metrics)
    – Rossi
    Feb 16 '11 at 19:47

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