I work with external storage and mounts a lot, and I often end up with a .Trash directory somewhere, whose contents are not shown in the File Manager trash bin, even though .Trash/files contains a lot of files.

The whole hierarchy in .Trash/files is changed compared to the original parent directory, and a lot of files appear to have duplicates. So I can't just mv the contents back to the original directory. I was wondering if there is some kind of 'Trash Explorer' that lets you see the trash for specific trash directories in it's original hierarchy and lets you restore portions as such.

This time, a memory drive that Ubuntu One was using, stopped working. The mount-bind was suddenly empty. Ubuntu One proceeded to delete gigabytes of thousands of files on all my computers that shared this directory, luckily putting all the files in a .Trash directory locally.

I say again, Nautilus/Nemo does not show this trash, and neither does trash-list, yet it is filed with files, info and files.u1conflict courtesy of Ubuntu One.

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It seems that Trash-bin dos NOT work right with Bind-Mounts! But if the files are there Unhide them and you can drag them out where they belong (after chmod -R g+rwx) with Nautilus or another Gui-filemanager. Then you have to delete the rest of the files from the terminal. Hope this works for you.

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