I have a pretty large(50Gb) tar.gz file that I can't untar anymore. Error that I am getting is this:

gzip: stdin: not in gzip format
tar: Child returned status 1
tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now

Is there any way to repair broken tar.gz?

UPDATE: Output of file command:

$ file projects.tgz 
projects.tgz: POSIX tar archive (GNU)
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    Can you post the output of file filename.tar.gz? – Lekensteyn Feb 15 '11 at 17:46

Your file is an uncompressed tarball. The extension .tgz is misleading, you might want to give the file a better extension, like .tar:

mv projects.tgz projects.tar

You've possibly tried to extract the file by running:

tar xzvf projects.tar

But the correct way to extract the tarball is:

tar xvf projects.tar

Options explained:

  • x: extract
  • z: GZip compressed (which is not the case in your file, so it should be removed for now)
  • f: file (required next argument to be the filename of the archive)
  • v: Be verbose (show file names while extracting).

See the manual page on tar for more information about this command.

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  • You got uncompress and extract backwards. Swap them and that will make more sense. – psusi Feb 15 '11 at 19:10

Rename projects.tgz to projects.tar. Then you will be able to untar the archive via Nautilus for instance.

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