Right now, Ctrl + Alt + L locks the screen but I want to make it Super + L as the shortcut, how can I do it ?

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You can do that using the keyboard settings:

  1. Press the Windows key (in Linux world, more correctly called the Super key), then type keyboard.

  2. Click on the Keyboard program that appears first in the list to open it.

  3. From the Shortcuts tab, select System in the left pane.

  4. In the right pane you can change the Lock screen option, just click on it and press any combination of keys that you want.


If you are running KDE (or Kubuntu), you can change the shortcut to lock your desktop through the Global Shortcuts system settings module. This procedure has been tested in Plasma 5.10.5 and kubuntu 17.10.

  1. Access the Global Shortcuts system settings module via System Settings and then click the Shortcuts icon in Workspace category; or by typing Global Shortcuts from the Application Menu or Application Dashboard.
  2. Select ksmserver.
  3. Select Lock Session
  4. Switch to Custom and click on the gear icon to assign your own.

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