I need some help! I decided to change my win 8 to Ubuntu 12.10. In installation option I select the Change win 8 to Ubuntu. I had two partition C 50Gb and D 450 Gb. On C were the windows, and there I want to install the Ubuntu. But... after installation I haven't found my D partition just one was there 460 Gb. It's there some option to recover my dates, or all gone for all?

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testdisk is a great tool to recover lost data and partitions. Install testdisk on a live Ubuntu and try to recover, I think in your case you will be able to recover all your data. Take care ;)

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  • Yes now I tired that, I’m curios what will happened. I Don’t want to loose all my date. I want to install on the C partition and the ubuntu take all, I don’t understand that. – Slayer Mar 4 '13 at 19:16
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    That's mean to install testdisk on an Ubuntu witch is on USB. very cool I have a cool job tonight :)) Now run the Analyze Cylinder, it is very long time. – Slayer Mar 4 '13 at 19:25

If you haven't done many things to your disk drive, other than installing, you have good chances to bring back the whole partition, run a backup and then reinstall everything. Check the answers to previous questions under "data-recovery" and other related tags.

Parts of this answer comes from this previous answer.

IMPORTANT: Try not to use forensic recovery procedures and not to use MS based recovery tools in the first instance.

  1. First of all you calm down. Tranquil, if you erased or removed the partition's table, the data is still there. You need to find a way to bring it back, that's it.
  2. The most you can keep the drive off new data, the best for your data. If you write new data, the older data will be replaced by the new as this starts using the clusters.
  3. If possible, try not using MS based tools, which (in my case) just wrote a few clusters in the disk which made unusable some data. MS Recovery Tools (such as Easy Data Recovery and others) tries to read the partition table but it also writes some clusters which can't be fully read in order to recover the "usable part of the data". This may harm your data replacing the original allocation clusters with blank data which allows the software to gain access to the cluster itself.
  4. Follow the instructions shown on the video documented by amzertech, which was embedded in the previous post and that clearly explains exactly what I did in order to recover my data.
  5. If you follow these instructions, I am sure you are going to succeed. Even in the worst cases (how can a different case than mine be worst?) you will succeed if you follow this easy instructions. Remember, the data will remain intact if you leave the disk intact. The most things you do to the disk, will be the most risk your data is reaching.

Good luck!

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  • Thanks for help. The testdisk just found the existing one partition, nothing else. – Slayer Mar 4 '13 at 21:36
  • In certain cases, you must delete your current partitions in order to allow testdisk find anything else. Use at your own risk. It worked for me in the past. Good luck! – Geppettvs D'Constanzo Mar 5 '13 at 20:48

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