I am trying to install Meshlab as per the documentation. I installed all the dependencies and followed the steps. But am having trouble with certain steps here.

  • In order to successfully compile a MeshLab's plugin with external dependency you have before to compile the referred library and put it into the folder ~/devel/meshlab/src/external/lib/YOUR_DEVELOPMENT_ENVIRONMENT where YOUR_DEVELOPMENT_ENVIRONMENT is a string related to your operating system and compiler's version.

I am using Ubuntu 11.10 and gcc, qmake. I do not know what is the exact value of the string I have to give for YOUR_DEVELOPMENT_ENVIRONMENT. I tried to go through qmake guide and qmakespec definitions. It said it would actually lead to a path.

As per this link, for Ubuntu 10.04, he has given the value as linux-gcc. Can you please tell me what value I should give?

  • I tried to compile the meshlab_mini.pro, which doesn't not need the external libraries, but got this error.

     /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -ljhead

I do not know how to proceed after this. Please help me here.


I tried to compile meshlab_full but I hit an error. It seams like, you have to compile the external dependencies first! -> Meshlab (So go to meshlab/src/external/ and compile external.pro)

I tried to compile the meshlab_mini.pro, which doesn't need the external libraries, but got this error.

I think thats not right..

jhead ( http://www.sentex.net/~mwandel/jhead ), absolutely required. It's needed by MeshLab main application. In order to compile it, please read in the following lines how to compile MeshLab's external libraries.

  • I wasn't able to resolve this, So just installed it from Synaptic Package Manager. – Lakshmi Narayanan Apr 12 '13 at 18:42

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