I have a new installation of Ubuntu 12.04 and I want to have 2 or more users be able to test with apache/php/mysql.

Within default config at sites-available I added two different VirtualHosts, one for each user lets say : /home/user1/public_html and /home/user2/public_html

Now I can view the index.php from the user1 at localhost/index.php but I can't do the same for user2. I know there must be a way but I dont know how to google search for it.

Any ideas or maybe point me to the correct direction?

PS: guess the title isn't accurate but I could't think any better

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First, revert the changes you made at sites-available.

Enable userdir module: sudo a2enmod userdir, and restart apache: sudo service apache2 restart.

Now you can access the files in /home/<username>/public_html through<username>/.

For example:

  • http://your.host.name/~user1
  • http://your.host.name/~user2

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