I'm trying to build rhythmbox from source to have a go at adding an extra feature. I'm running into issues with gstreamer

configure: error: Package requirements (    gstreamer-1.0 >= 0.11.92
gstreamer-audio-1.0 >= 0.11.92
gstreamer-base-1.0 >= 0.11.92
gstreamer-plugins-base-1.0 >= 0.11.92
gstreamer-pbutils-1.0 >= 0.11.92) were not met:

No package 'gstreamer-audio-1.0' found 
No package 'gstreamer-plugins-base-1.0' found
No package 'gstreamer-pbutils-1.0' found

I've tried what's in this post,

sudo apt-get build-dep rhythmbox

and installing some of the gstreamer packages to no avail.


Maybe you need to install the devel packages of gstreamer. Try installing these packages:

sudo apt-get install libgstreamer-plugins-base1.0-dev
  • I just edited the version on your answer to match my error. It works with the 1.0-dev package – Codey McCodeface Mar 2 '13 at 14:52
  • I had the same problem with Berasero v3.8 and this soled the problem. – M6299 Oct 17 '13 at 18:02

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