I am looking for a text-editor with full unicode-math support. Plaintext math entered and rendered properly. I am not expecting typographical features and symbol-repositioning like LaTeX, but at least render the symbols linearly. And of course input method for it, so I do not need to copy and paste.

Is there such an app available? (anywhere, not just repositories)

Note: I do know about OpenOffice, LibreOffice, Word, TeX, LaTeX, MathML, etc; but I want plaintext!

This webapp is the closest that I could find.


You can use Character Map plugin in gedit. To enable it, go to Edit > Preferences > Plugins and enable Chararcter Map. You might have to enable Side Panel too. For that just use the shortcut F9.


You might want to select Common from the list.


The best editor are VIM, Emacs and Gedit. All with unicode support. There are so many plugins available for them to do such functionality.


Although designed as a journal, in RedNotebook you combine without any effort txt2tags markup, LaTeX and html. I mean, you don't need to type anything but your equations as in LaTeX, or your Unicode characters, or whatever you wish.

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