I would like to install a package but don't find it in Synaptic Package Manager.

I was wondering how to find out the repository of the package and add it to Synaptic package manager so that I can find it and install it from there?

For example, this is the case when I am now looking for "djvused" under 10.10 Synaptic Package Manager

Thanks and regards!

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djvused is included with the djvulibre-bin package. If you cannot find the program by it's package name, try the "package contents" option in the search box on the right side at packages.ubuntu.com. Search for "djvused" in package contents.

If a program is relatively new, and no package exist in the Ubuntu repositories, you could try to find one using PPAs (=Personal Package Archives).


Sometimes an application is installed part of a meta-package or with another name. This makes it hard to find from Synaptic. A good place to start searching is the Packages Ubuntu archive where all packages provided are listed. Another source of information are the manpages for a given application (see Manpage for Djvused).

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