I am using old computer standard phoenix BIOS, it does not have UEFI. I was installed Windows 8 first, then Ubuntu. When grub installed, I can't access Windows 8 anymore.

update-grub can't find my windows, bootrepair can't repair. After tried grub-customizer. Grub customizer can find windows partition and added entry grub config. But windows 8 can't boot. Grub menu gives this screen:

Also I tried fixmbr and rebuildbcd, they do not solve the problem.

My bootinfo at http://paste.ubuntu.com/5565925/



I solved my problem with clean install. I think problem was hdd slot change. When I was installing Windows -Talking about my bootinfo- sda is sdb and sdb is sda. Then I changed hdd slots and install Ubuntu on new sda was before sdb. I guess, this change confused grub and can't find Windows 8.


And you could've just update grub. Next time do so. You can save a lot of time.

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