I've read that PAM can be used to restrict HTTP access for some users, but I can't figure out how to do it in Ubuntu 12.04.

The /etc/security/time.conf man page contains this example:

All users except for root are denied access to console-login at all times:

    login ; tty* & !ttyp* ; !root ; !Al0000-2400

For this to work, /etc/pam.d/login needs to have a line

account    requisite  pam_time.so

This example works, and I tried to adapt it to limit HTTP access from the console. I added

http ; tty* & !ttyp* ; !root ; !Al0000-2400

to /etc/security/time.conf, and created /etc/pam.d/http with

account    requisite  pam_time.so

This doesn't work. I can still use wget as non-root from the console.


You can't -- wget doesn't use PAM. A program must be explicitly designed to call PAM for it to have any affect. If you heard PAM could be used with HTTP, then it may have been a conversation about using PAM to authenticate a user trying to log in to a web site.

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