After cropping a picture in Shotwell, and rotating it, the original photograph has not been altered and is still the same. However when I go to the Shotwell "Library" they are shown as being cropped/rotated.

Why are they not being saved properly?

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Shotwell is a non-destructive photo editor, see http://yorba.org/shotwell/help/edit-nondestructive.html. If you want to share the altered photo then you will have to export it.

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    There's no Export option and Save As isn't saving my changes on a particular image although it does save changes on other images. This is with Shotwell 0.22 on Ubuntu 16.04. Probably a bug?
    – devius
    Commented Nov 7, 2016 at 18:56

Shotwell will not modify your original photographs. if you do some change in photographs like crop , rotate etc. and you want to save that then you have do Export it :

File ▸ Export ▸ Choose File Format  ▸ Choose Save Location 

or press :

Ctrl ShiftE : For export image

some other useful shortcut

Shift Delete : Remove from Library

Ctrl I : Import from folder

Ctrl O : Crop Image

Ctrl d : Adjust

Ctrl Y :Red-eye

Ctrl A : Straighten

Ctrl E : Enhance

Ctrl + : Zoom In

Ctrl - : Zoom out

Ctrl Shift M : Show in File Manager

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