Is there a way via CLI to determine which version number of a gem is installed on my machine? Similar to yolk -l for python?

I'm trying to see if I have the latest version of compass / sass / zurb foundation. I have a dependency that requires a particular version number. So I need to see what version it is.

gem list

should give you a list of all your gems with version number in brackets behind it

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StackOverflow has the answer and it might be a more useful place (for you) for Ruby architecture questions (they're still welcome here)

gem outdated

Not being a Ruby dev or having any gems installed, I'm not sure this is going to give you exactly what you're after but it should show you which ones need attention.

Otherwise I would have suggested gem query <package> (searches local) and gem query --remote to see available versions. If you only need local gem versions, the first aught to do.


You can do it like this:

bundle show { gem name }

Or look in Gemfile.lock:

grep { gem name } Gemfile.lock
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If your gem's name is compass, then you could run:

gem list | grep compass

It will give you a list of gems, containing the phrase compass, and corresponding versions.

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To add to @Belogron’s answer you can use

gem list MyGem

To list the installed versions of MyGem

You can then type

gem which MyGem

To display the specific version that is being used.

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gem -v

It works for me. Checked in deepin 15.9.1(debian distro)

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