I currently have one hard drive with 3 partitions and 2 partitions of unallocated space. I am dual booting Windows 7 (1 partition) and another partition for Ubuntu 12.04.

I'm using Gparted and Ubuntu 12.04 Live CD with all drives unmounted, this is what i'm seeing:

  1. /dev/sda1. NTFS. 325gb, 292gb used. Boot flag. = WINDOWS 7
  2. (extended) /dev/sda2. EXTENDED. 92.95gb. lba flag.

    2A. (extended) /dev/sda5. EXT4. 89gb. = UBUNTU 2B. (under extended) unallocated. 3.82gb

  3. unallocated. 39.75gb = ???
  4. /dev/sda4. NTFS. Respawn Recovery. 7.79gb. 4.27gb used.
  5. unallocated. 3.02mb.

I CAN resize sda4 to include the 40gb of unallocated space but obviously I dont see the point in doing that to a recovery partition. I CAN resize sda5 to include the unallocated space of 3.82gb but would this help?


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  1. You can increase the size of sda2 (Extended Partition) to the right, taking unallocated 39.75gb in it.
  2. You can then increase the size of sda5 (Logical Partition inside Extended Partition) to the right, taking unallocated 39.75gb in it.
  3. You can also increase the size of sda4 to the right, taking unallocated 3.02mb space in it.

The best way to do these is probably using GParted from a live Ubuntu CD/DVD/USB.

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